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If you're new to the world of Internet marketing and want to earn money, one of the best ways to do so is by writing an ebook that shares your expertise with readers. For instance, if you know how to perform minor car repairs, you can write a 25–30 page ebook teaching others and sell it for $25 per ebook. If you sell just 300 copies, you'll generate $7,500 in income. That's a pretty good return on a minor investment.

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Tens of millions of people surf the Internet in search of information, perhaps to find information on a particular topic or simply to satisfy one's curiosity. Whatever the reason, it's a fact that people are willing to spend money in order to get relevant, high-quality information.

If you think no one will pay for something they can find for free, think again. It might seem that finding pertinent information online is easy, but it's not always the case. After all, there are billions and billions of pages on the Internet, most of which have only useless information. Our ebook writers gather, distill and present useful information in an appealing way.

There are two approaches to creating ebooks. You can write about what you know and love or you can find out what people want. But how do you figure out what people want? You keep your eyes and ears open. Some topics are always hot, like sex, making money, health, self-help, gambling, pets, hobbies, sports, debt etc. Others you can discover by visiting forums and social networking sites.

If you decide on a topic, but don't know how to go about creating chapters, let us know your topic and we'll create chapters for you.

If you're not comfortable with the idea of writing an ebook, consider writing special reports. Special reports are shorter and more limited in scope than ebooks. They're designed to offer readers a short and quick way of getting information. They can take the form of articles, bullet points, lists or FAQ's.

You may have heard of the viral approach to promoting ebooks. It means distributing your ebooks for free. It's a way to keep your ebook in constant circulation. In this approach, you don't make money by selling your ebook, but earn income through affiliate links incorporated throughout the text. We can help you do this.

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