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If you're an online marketer who requires regular content, you've come to the right place. Perhaps you've tried other options to achieve cost effectiveness and time-line delivery, like outsourcing or PLR rewrites.

However, despite all your focused efforts, they may not have converted into serious business. With Freelance-Writers.net you can have the luxury of concentrating on what you do best—attracting traffic—and safely leave the rest to us.
Is writing your passion?
Here you don't have to compete with other writers or chase after clients for work or for pay! With freelance-writers.net you won't have to worry about bidding or about auctioning off your content.

We've taken every care to provide you with a comfortable working environment where you can work at your own pace and get paid on time! This is the site for talented writers like you, where you can make money for your well-wrought work.


Every business endeavor requires powerful communication if it is to thrive. We offer services that will let the world hear your message through words that will establish you as a leader and an expert.

Why should you work with freelance professionals like us?

Bigger ad agencies and marketing firms often end up being factories. You provide some input and then an intermediate process tosses the output back to you. When you work with us, you'll work directly with the people who are in turn working on your project. There will be no corporate wall between you and the person doing your job. Working with us means that you're more than just an account or file number. Our creative vision is directly accessible to you.

The freelance world is very competitive, so there's no room for lack of quality. That's why we complete every project to your satisfaction. In order to compete with the giants, we go the extra mile and provide writers with high-quality industry educations and an uncompromising dedication to quality, integrity and professionalism. You'll always receive the best service and product within your budget, and on time.

As a freelance concern, we can afford to be far more flexible than a large corporate house. We take our work seriously to make sure we don't disappoint you. We know that your business is unique and that some boilerplate package won't suit you. There are so many content requirements these days that choosing the right one and making sure it keeps working month after month at a reasonable cost can be a nightmare. We work with you on a per project basis, which means you never pay for anything you don't need. If you need to change your promotional strategies from time to time, our service proves to be extremely cost effective.

We comprise a group of professional writers headed by a public relations practitioner who's long been providing B2B writing services for clients in a wide range of professional and technical fields. No matter what your industry, we already have the expertise to work for you.

About Our Writers
An experienced publisher and a small team of freelance writers who shared a vision to correct failings in the freelance writing industry originally set up freelance-writers.net. We have since grown into a larger network of writers from all walks of life that specializes in numerous content areas. Even though we've grown in number, we continue to hold on to the core of our original vision. While working for us, our writers can choose their own projects, based on their own expertise. This ultimately allows us, as a team, to tailor our work in a more knowledgeable and precise manner.

All of our writers are qualified and are handpicked by us, so high quality work is guaranteed
We set very high standards for our writers and limit the amount of work they can take on until we're sure they can manage more while still maintaining deadlines. Every piece of writing goes in front of our proofreader before it's forwarded to you. As the publisher, you have every right to request changes/revisions if you are not satisfied with the final product. We will then send it back to the writer in order to get it right.

A Note About Rights
Most of our writing and editing work is based on a contract that transfers all intellectual property rights to you upon project completion. You buy what we provide for you and then you own it. However, things can be different for ghostwriting projects. Most of the time we don't require writing credits for nonfiction ghostwriting contracts. However, in some cases, judged on individual merit, we may require attribution or a royalty agreement.

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